Atomic Man

World building an atomic age mystery.

Atomic Man takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, following the big nuclear war in the ’60s. We have gained access to evidence-material collected, containing a wide range of personal items once owned by a lonesome survivor of the aftermath.

Evidence 01: The Journal

The viewer digs through mixed piles of evidence, thereby receiving pieces of the narrative through different types of media in a non-linear fashion. This creates a maze of information that allows the viewer to build their own conception of the events that shape the narrative.

Evidence 01: Letters

Evidence 04: Cassette tapes


Evidence 02: Map

Evidence 04: Video tapes


Designskolen Kolding

Project Team

Oskar Martinussen
Emil Underbjerg
Maria Jespersen
Ayo V. Krogh

Type of Client



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