Stemcell Technologies

Hero collateral for the global launch of
STEMCELL Technologies’ pioneering
flagship life sciences advancement.

The cover art is simple yet powerful. The lower perspective is utilized to convey the significance the product holds in the field of science. Background color and paint strokes are composed to create harmony between the magazine color palette and a reference to the Phoenix rising.

“Through the campaign, we succeed in converting 30% of our existing customers to this superior product within 6 months plus grew our market share; this is phenomenal in a market where scientists habitually rigorously test all products before switching to ensure scientific consistency.”

“mTeSR Plus was one of our most successful launches in the 26-year history of the company. We had an excellent marketing campaign to support the sales team, the focal point of which was the images art directed and shot by Louis. The sales reps were thrilled by the artwork as they felt that the images were beautiful and reflected the quality and excellence we strive for at STEMCELL Technologies”

Joan Sheehan, Executive VP, Global Sales, STEMCELL Technologies


STEMCELL Technologies

Project Team

Andrew Gaffney
Amanda Tong
Alison Lee
Emaleah Shackleton

Type of Client

Science & Health


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