I create brands that matter

I help brands to find their voice, get distinction and cultivate deep-rooted relationships with their communities. Together we will lead by example and make every interaction with your customer count through close collaboration. By driving concepts informed by strategic insights and cultural shifts, we can empower people to be their own agents of change. 

I make a meaningful difference to the forward-thinking brands of the world.



Brand Identity

Through my interdisciplinary background, I approach clients’ challenges through the aesthetic endeavour through purposefully holistic design thinking. I shape brand identities that stick.

Art Direction

I deliver experiences that evoke the right emotion. It’s about creating that connection to what you’re seeing and experiencing—drawing on cultural and historical elements to curate unique and meaningful moments.


Digital Art

I apply a deep understanding of compositing and seamlessly blending images. My work can be inspiring or invisible, but always unforgettable. It is an effective balance of technology, creativity, and vision.


Merging my unique, multi-field expertise and years of experience working with technical lighting, I can develop state of the art still images that will move your heart.

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